Spring 2007

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 02 April 2013 18:43 Published: 10 May 2007


Sr. Rafaela holds one of Ela's triplets.  Ela is one of our prize, and very photogenic, ewes.  Though hers were not the first lambs born this spring, they were among the most anticipated. At last count there are 24 lambs for the season.

These are the first lams of 2007. Not yet at the frisky stage and still trying out their land legs, in a few weeks they will be out in the pasture being  guarded by the llama and cared for by the mother ewe.


Besides birthing of lambs spring brings the song of many birds at the and budding of the many New England trees.  The latter are wonderful to view but a trial for thoes suffering from allergies.