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Last Updated: Tuesday, 02 April 2013 18:43 Published: 25 November 2007

The autumn months are have their own particular color and aromas.  New England foliage opens the palatte of oranges and yellows and reds and brown to our eyes and the roasting of nuts and cooking of candy fills the air with aromas that say it is fall and we are cooking candy for Christmas. Midway in October Frances returned to enter as a postulant taking the name Sofia. Her frieds from Sophia House will know why.


The garden was yielding its final fruits of the season

Winter Squash

and hermit days were still warm enough for silent pondering new the woods 

Pondering Hermit Eve Marie


Monastic Experience Weekend

Are you interested in learning how to discern a religious vocation? Or an experience of the monastic life as lived by Cistercian contemplatives? If you are a single Catholic woman between 20 - 40, you are most welcome to join us at our next Monastic Weekend, August 15-17, 2014. All ethnic and racial groups are welcome. For more information contact our vocation director, Sr Katie McNamara, by email or call 508-528-1282.