With Gratitude

Last Updated: Tuesday, 02 April 2013 18:43 Published: 04 October 2008

October 18 the next big event occurs to help raise funds for our new candy production building. The Abbey Art Auction promises to be an event of joy for all who will participate. 

How is the fund raising progressing?

These are difficult times financially for all in our country and around the world. Yet, through the sacrifice and generosity of many individuals making donations according to their means, foundation grants, grants from our Order, and the sale of 12 acres of Abbey land, we have reached 42.5% of our goal, which $2,340,000. We are moving ahead with the project; the architect has begun the definite drawing.  We trust in the Lord that the the balance will come and we will be good stewards now and in the future.

Thank you to all who have and continue to help us.  

OCSO General Chapter 2014

The superiors of our Order are in Assisi for the 2014 General Chapter.  Pray for them, the translators (there are 5 official languages, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese), the secretaries, typists and support staff. There is a website that shows photos, etc. Monks and Nuns form one Order and follow the same Constitutions.

Jubilee 2014 Photos

Photos from the 2014 Jubilee are here.

New Novice

We have a new novice: Sister Maria Karla.

More photos are here.

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